mass air


Jan 7, 2010
I just tried a C&L mass air and now my car wont idle in seems to be to rich. I have 42lb injectors and the mass air sample tube is green. has anyone had a 70mm bbk throttle body that whistles and idle
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BBK Throttle bodies are notorious for whistling. as for the meter. It's touch and go with c&l, I have a 76mm unit with the tube, and haven't had issues with it. and others can swear they'd rather blow up their car than install one. I can only say to make sure your meter is clean and your meter has 5v going to it.
I changed. Back to my old best products. Mass air. It runs good now .The Kennedy bell sound so nnice with the a2a intercooler l have to order a smaller pulley. I am only seeing 7 lbs what size is a stock crank pulley on 89 5.0