Mass airflow sensor


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Feb 1, 2006
What size mass air sensor should I go with? What brand? I am about to convert to Mass air from speed density. My upgrades are e7 heads ported, e-cam, trickflow street intake, 70mm tb, bbk longtubes h pipe bullet mufflers, that it thanks for the input.
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Just get an 80mm pro m. This way you only have to buy it once. Meters aren't like TB's, too big doesn't hurt anything.
If you still feel 80 is too big, get a 75 bullet.

Don't bother looking at c&l.
i did a mass air conversion with a C&L, because c&l meters don't come with the electronics (you gotta use your stock electronics) i used the electronics from a 93 3.8 taurus. never had a single problem all summer