Material in FRPP SC Install kit? I've been talking to my local mechanic, and he thinks the FRPP Supercharger is a very do-able install on the 99-up engine. He thinks that w/ some injectors and a focus pump I should be good. He plans on using my xcal2 to tune after the install. My question is...what else comes in the install kit that I should worry about? I was told that the alternator shouldn't pose a problem, so I'm not too worried about that. I was also told that I shouldn't have a problem w/ the returnless fuel system as long as I throw in the focus pump. I'm guessing I'll have to buy a belt and a pulley possibly, unless those actually come w/ the supercharger assembly. Does anybody have the instructions on the supercharger that I could look at, or a parts list for the install kit? I'd like to get an idea of what other things I need to find, such as hoses, and hose clamps, etc.
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I read through that and saw the pics....somebody (i think greenfowsix) said they had a pdf of the instructions that came with the kit...i'm tryin to get a hold of that...or an itemized list of what comes in the install kit...I don't wanna tackle the install and find out that I need like a custum fabbed part that is only found in the install kit...the local mustang parts guru says the install should be no problem, but I don't wanna leave it to chance and waste close to 3K
I think It'll bolt on. What you need is tune, and fuel stuff. I think what we established that by the time u paid someone to get tuned, and buy all the stuff u need for the fuel, its better off buying Vortech or something. I think thats waht was extablished in that giant thread
I just bought a new scanner so i'll hook it up tonight or tomorrow then i'll scan the install instructions and send them to you..I glanced at them briefly and i think there was a parts list. You would definately need the install kit because it includes an alternator relocation bracket/the belt/hoses for relocating the Tstat etc. However you can sell the fuel pump that comes with it and put that money towards the focus pump. And you don't need the might be able to sell that too...i'll let you know if mine sells. On saturday if i'm not too hung over i'll lay the install kit out on the floor and take pics of the brackets etc for you.
Sorry I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner but Roxanne Shepard used to race a 99up gt with this frpp 2V blower on it and she was making 400rwhp. She crashed it and now runs a new car with a Vortech but her shop/partner with that 99up 2V was Livernois Motorsports so maybe you or your mechanic can pick their brain about how the made it work. The car was named "Tweety"