Maxed out injectors


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Jan 14, 2001
New York
I took the car out for a nice highway drive down by the beach. I decided to do a few WOT 3rd gear pulls just for fun and while doing so I watched my PMS screen where it shows the duty cycle. After 6,500 rpm it goes to near 100% :( I let off when I saw 94%. This sucks that my 30's are maxed, I need 42's. I'll be fine just cruising around, but over 6,000 rpm theyre done :notnice:

Just a rant
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I never dynoed it. I tuned it on the street with a PMS and a wideband so I never bothered to go to a dyno. I would expect it to make around 380-400rwhp. But after seeing how maxed these injectors are, it may make more.

I'm running twisted wedge heads all freshened last summer at the machine shop with New crane valve springs (broke an FTI ps3 valve spring) titanium retainers, valve job, 55cc chambers ect, FTI custom cam, TFS R intake, 75mm tb blah blah blah.

Compression is 11:1. It pulls close to 7,000 rpm. I'm sure if it was a mild 6,000 rpm engine with a weaker cam, the 30's would be ok.
Yeah I saw your thread and I was gonna repond that i'm possibly interested in your 42's. What would you want for them? I didn't realize FMS 42's were that expensive.
Mike I saw similar issues on my old 302 at 6800rpm with the 30#, only making around 340RWHP, you could go 38-42# and will alright, thankfully you have a PMS and can make all the needed adjustments, you'll pull a **** load of fuel out down low.

Did I ever tell you about the way we switched from 42# to 30# on a PS application and made more power.....even when it needed the fuel? What's your current email address :D