May have solved Braided Fuel line problem!

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Holy %#@$@#$@! This may be the missing piece we all need!

After a quick web search, here are a few nice endorsements:<a href= (click Specs) (click Specs)

If someone can list the remaining parts needed to replace the rest of the fuel lines, I'll buy 'em and try them out. However, it may be a few weeks before I can even test them out.
Fuel systems seem to be the hot ticket right now, doing the same here.

The two fittings from Summit, are for newer Mustangs and LS1s. The list a 5/16 and 3/8, but we need a 1/4" and 5/16", so use the 5/16 for the feed line, the return we are still SOL.

The other three links:
Steeda showing a 3/8" to -8AN, too big for us. The other part dual -8AN to inverted flare is the same as your stock hard line. You need a spring lock to connect the stock nylon/rubber line.

1st Aeromotive is what Steeda is selling

2nd Aeromotive is everything needed to connect to the stock nylon/rubber lines. You can go this route, then work the smaller Summit part into a -6 to dual -8 (but you have to make it.
Well I measured the pickup tubes and the outlet for the feed line is around 3/8" and the return is around 1/4" or maybe I'm just crazy.....nevertheless it still means that we have no fitting for the return line yet to connect to the pickup. :(
There's a large thread on a competing site that has been battling this and one poster found these they are used on the pick-ups and return at the tank. flare-less fittings and you can adapt to through outher fittings what size line you would like

P/n's: FCM-2496 1/4"
i know the 1/4 inch one would work and the last one i think is the other used in the article below

This is the original article where they were found