danny clemens

May 4, 2005
I just got a 1998 Mazda B2500 to drive to work. It has an automatic trans. It starts and runs ok and will run in reverse. When I put it in Neutral or any forward gear it dies. It will still turn over in Neutral but won't start. The back window has been leaking and it has not been driven for quite awhile so the cab has a lot of moisture in it. Is it the switch that keeps it from starting in gear and if so where is it located.
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I guess there was so much cab moisture that it was messing the electronics up. I went armed with a jack and some tools this morning and it was working ok. The left turn signal wasn't working and after driving it and bringing it home I aired it out some more and now the turn signal is working. The radio volume wouldn't work but now it's working sometimes

Now I have to keep the back window from leaking. I know where to start on this project at least.