Megasquirt Digital Dash

I was actually going to message you after i noticed some of your dashes on the website show turn signal and high
beam icons, i figured you made them up. I do not see the attachment?

One thing im unsure of is how to set some of the gauges as to what sensor to read. RPM is pretty straight forward i get
that along with water temp and oil press. but the source/input drop down has what seems like multiple options for Speedo
and i have no idea what to use for turn signal or high beam or fuel level? I figured when using a DD EFI dash there is some sorta generic input that is used?

Another issue i had was i did the tach first and when doing the speedo i just took the size from the tach and copied the numbers over to the speedo in the properties but it didnt turn out the same size? lol so i just ended up eye balling all of them.
I accidently forgot to click upload. They are attached to my previous post now.

It depends on which model of the DD-EFI Dash that you have the Standard or the Pro Dash. The Pro Dash has an internal I/O Module just for being able to bring in Digital Inputs (Turn Signals, High Beams, etc) and Analog Inputs (Oil Pressure, Fuel Level, etc) that are not wired to the MS ECU. If you have a standard dash we do have an Expansion Module that can be added that gives you the same features as the Pro Dash if needed.

If you are trying to get the gauges to be the same size it is easiest to do this in the Gauge Properties at the top there is position and right below it is the size


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Any idea why my speedo would read engine RPM when i have it set to VSS1?

Another thing is for the VSS setup it asks for wheel diameter but my front and rear are different so do i
just pick one or meet in the middle of the two?
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You have done a pretty good job on your dashboard. I have attached some turn signal and high beam icons for you. You can also use indicators with no text and black background to cover anything that you don't want to see, but you will have to remove the needle and overlay another gauge on top to hide everything. If you need some help just let me know.
Some more to work up: