Mgw Race Spec Short Throw Shifter Review...


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Oct 30, 2008
Well, I installed the shifter tonight. It took approx 3 hours start to finish. Let me say right away, it is a WORLD of difference compared to the stocker. The shifts are crisp, precise, I know what gear I am in, and it is way way better than stock... It's not perfect though.

The bad:

They could stand to adjust the diameter of the new shifter boot... I started with dish detergent, and resorted to KY (on top of the soap) in order to get the lower part of the boot to slide over the shifter base... Even with that my fingers are ripped up and I'm pretty sure that it's not completely sealed. Fortunately, MGW provides a ton of 'heat insulation' that goes around the shifter base above the driveshaft, so even if it's not perfect, I think it's ok and will keep debris out.

The spring tension to push the shifter down to engage reverse is too tight and I think it's sloppy. I actually prefer the stock 'lift up' mechanism... Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that MGW decided to use their previous mechanism from the coyote sn197 mt-82 because it's compatible and saved them money by not having to remanufacture it. They prolly make more profit by eliminating a lip and an aluminum lift gate... (If any one from MGW reads this, I would have paid more for an aluminum gated lift option)...

If you like to keep your hand on the shifter while driving, the NVH becomes very noticeable! If you let go, it's no louder than stock.

The good:
It shifts like a champ! I did a quick shake down (quick clutch power shifting) and there was no issue with gears grinding or thinking you are in gear when your not.

I didn't have to adjust the reverse lockout. It was spot on out of the box.
Comparing this set up with my old '04 GT w/ tremec 3650 w/ roush shifter, (even though it's apples to oranges), I think the feel is similar... This shifter feels like a top loader... Although, the NVH is hard to explain... I guess the best explanation is that the 04 was noisy, but not loud... This shifter is quiet, but if pressure is applied to the ball, it has the same gear noise as the 04, but it is far more noticeable. That is probably because the s550's interior is far more refined/quiet and little things are more noticeable.

The sad thing about this is... The manufacturing quality of the shifter is amazing! I actually feel like it surpasses what is actually needed. I would rather MGW eliminate coating the aluminum and spend that lil bit of $ on creating a lift gate for the shifter... What difference does it make if it's anodized or not? I drove my '04 with a "Raw Aluminum" shifter for ten years with no rubber boot... (the boot tore in half on the 2 4 R stop screw when I installed it in '05, so I threw it away), and to this day the base may be a tad bit corroded, but it's uber minimal and has zero effect on the way the car shifts.

Do I think the MGW is worth $500???

No, I don't....
I would put a $375 value on it because of the machining involved with the extra pieces involved in making it work like a top loader ... I think the coating is unnecessary, and again, I think they are cheating us by using an old tried and true method to get it in reverse...

With that being said........

I am glad I spent my $500 on the MGW... If someone were to compare this piece of artwork to a Barton... This costs $25 more and is better all the way around (I know because I helped a buddy put a Barton in a '13 GT). If your considering the new ford racing short throw shifter, keep in kind, it may reduce throw length, but your still going to have the same slop a$$ feel of the stock shifter.

Overall, I am saying that I spent over $500 for this short throw... and when compared to the other available options, I am glad I did...

This is definitely the best option/value on the market at this time!

Also, I will update this thread when the springs break in.

BTW: I tried my best to be as objective as possible on this review. If u have any q's feel free to ask.

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