MicroSquirt-Engine starts, impossible to maintain idle

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Ok new data log, the car did stay idling a little bit more, I started the data log way too late.... I confirm the ECT sensor works, it was at 29.4K ohms after idling two times in the garage (it's really cold down there)
The only that changed in my tune is the MAT/CLT compensation table
And I still don't get why it cranks all the way to 3K RPM then goes down, but hey one problem after another right?
You just need to pull some cranking duty out of the iac and it’ll help with it shooting up when you start.

Your previous log was a couple minutes long and it only raised like 2 or 3 something degrees. What did it get to on the last time you ran it?
Sorry guys, long time no see, been busy with work, life and got myself a 2015 Ecoboost Premium a couple of months ago so not really wanted to work on my old junk :D
Anyway, today was the day I made it run! I remembered that when putting the engine back together, I had to fight with the installation of the throttle bracket and the throttle cable (which is pretty old and not very "tight" anymore -> to be replaced at some point) so I might have messed up the idle screw :loser:

So I went on to start the car, RPM shooting way up still, then went to the idle screw and turned until the RPM went steady... let it run a couple of minutes then disconnected the IAC, let it run, then turned it off, checked the TPS and reset to 0.98 (reset it also in TS).
Disconnected the battery a couple of minutes (even though I don't think it would be necessary with a MicroSquirt?)
Replugged the IAC and restarted the car.
Took a datalog

The thermostat works properly however it seems that when the car is warmed up the idle is getting a little bit more "choppy"... does anyone see something weird with the datalog?

Might be a good time for a tune @a91what ?


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