Microsquirt pnp from EFI Source Timing setup issues

Got my 92 fox body with 347 switched over to MS PNP with adaptor harness from efi source.
Car runs with spout out and i can confirm timing on balancer is at 10 degrees BTDC with timing light while TS is set to "fixed timing" at 20 degrees as the manual states.
When i plug in the spout connector with trigger offset at 10 degrees the timing jumps off the timing light range and car struggles to run as it pops through engine and exhaust i can advance timing until i run out of adjustment and timing is around 40ish degrees and idles better but i know timing is way out since car ran with stock A9L ECU and can still hook it up and check timing with spout out at 10 degrees and runs perfect with it in, seems like it is almost cross firing when microsquirt takes over with spout in?

Confirmed that I am running the MS/Extra 3.4.x firm

Checked the manual and confirmed :
Spark mode = "Basic Trigger"
Trigger angle/offset = 10 BTDC as a starting point, fine tune with a timing light. Ignition capture = "Falling edge"
Spark output = "Going High"
Spark A output pin = "WLED"
Dwell type = "Fixed duty"
Dwell duty = "50%"

Manual calls for Pip into VR - and Spout into Wled w/ 1k ohm jumper from 12v fused power

I had to move pip input from option + to vr - to get vehicle to run in the first place, followed instructions for pip input into vr - don't know why it was wired into option + from efi source, case ground was wired into vr - so i soldered it into another confirmed ground wire between the adaptor harness.

So i confirmed my wiring was going to correct outputs per manual instructions for spout.
wled pin had a 330 ohm resistor jumper from vehicle 12v fused source power pin right out the packaging so i took out the 330 and put a 1k ohm resistor in place per instruction manual MS2/Extra 3.4.x page 84 section 6.3 Ford TFI - https://www.msextra.com/manuals/ms2manuals/ in the Microsquirt Hardware Manual PDF

Hopefully someone can chime in to help out, been messing with timing before i go into the tuning process. Car seems to not like spout connected, even while TS is set to "fixed timing" when i plug the spout in it instantly changes timing and starts shooting ducks out the exhaust. when it is shooting ducks TS is showing 23 degrees of timing at idle and i can't see any thing close with timing light scaling up and down until i add a lot of timing on distributor and car stops shooting ducks so i know the MS is not controlling the spout correctly but can't figure why. Thank you for your input this is my first time messing with this setup but being mechanically inclined i feel at a loss. i can provide you guys with any info or up loads after i figure how to upload them if that is needed, thanks again!
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I have helped tune lots of these kits and they work fine without any modifications.. The spout has to be in for the rpm signal to reach the MS in the normal configuration.. it is not supposed to be pulled to set or check the timing with the MS installed.

Your ign output is backwards it needs to be set to "going low". you have a pullup installed so it has to be pulled low to trigger the TFI properly.
The rest looks fine, I would have to consult my manual to see about the wiring changes you made.

Having the pip removed and the ign output set wrong is likely the reason why the car did not get the RPM signal and ran poorly when it does.

let me know if this fixes the timing issue it causes the timing to only work in a very narrow window
Ok reporting back after changing ing output to "going low" and fired the car off with spout in with timing set fixed at 20 degrees with trigger offset at 10 degrees.
The car runs and i can check timing at 20 degrees but it jumps from a steady 20 BTDC on balancer to 20 degrees ATDC marking on balancer erratically. After a minute or two of idling the car shuts off and sets a lost sync counter. Might be time to data log and go through it to see what maybe causing it. These are my findings so far and seems like its getting closer to getting it to run with spout in, it does run way better with it set at "going low" and i can see the timing marks now. Thanks for your guidance so far