Might have damaged oil drain plug...


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Jan 6, 2004
Might have damaged oil pan drain plug thread..

Hey guys,
Changed the oil on the fox and ran into a problem. As you all know getting to the front drain plug is a PITA with a ratchet due to the sway bar being right underneath it. So I ratcheted it off enough for me to unthread it by hand, only problem was getting the ratchet off. The ratchet was not going anywhere with the sway bar in the way. Normally, I have had luck getting it off on an angle, but the socket slipped out taking the drain plug with it still threaded a bit in the pan. When I went to thread the plug back in the pan it took awhile for me to get it started. Turning it straight in seemed it would just spin or stop turning and jam up. Finally I got it to go in, mabye on an angle, but once fully threaded it did sit fully flush with the pan. I did not notice any leaks but will check again next time I drive the car.
My question: Did I mess up the threads in the oil pan? If so what can I do about it?
And whats the best way to get a ratchet and socket on the drain plug with the sway bar in the way?
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Try using a box-end wrench on it. That also saves having a gallon of oil inside your socket and ratchet head.
Cobra, did you remove your sway bar? I will have to try a wrench next time. Is there any way to tell if I damaged the threads in the pan? Would it be leaking? It just seemed to thread in differently.
Remove sway bar to get to the front plug? That's a new one.

Just use a box end wrench. You can only get maybe 1/8 turn, but after that remove by hand.

You'll have to remove the plug and inspect the threads. You could be lucky and the drain plug stripped out leaving the pan okay. In that case, get a new drain plug
It will be fine for now...but the next oil change you may finish the job and start to leak.

To be honest, i might just start ignoring the front plug, tilting the front of the car up far enough and draining from the rear plug only.

To repaif the front plug, you'll have to remove the pan, and that requires unbolting the engine and lifting it up so you can get the pan over the K-member.
I don't have a front sway bar but it was never a problem with a ratcheting wrench. If it isn't leaking don't worry about it but keep an eye on it
Well I took the car out for a drive today and noticed a little oil on the tarp underneath where I park the car. Looked at the pan did not see any oil though. Idk what to do. I hope you are right Tom, just the fact that it took while to get the thread going when I put the plug back in has me worried. Hexicoil?