Moates QH & Dyno Tuning (Am I alone ?)

Just got off the phone with a "Performance shop" in the Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas area...and determined after this call, that I may sound like I'm from Mars.

I have a Moates Quarterhorse setup and licensed versions of Clint's Binary Editor and Engine Analyzer. While I'm making progress on tuning my 347 stroker setup, I was considering going to a Dyno, DataLogging runs, and making changes to squeeze every bit out of this engine in it's current dress.
At least one shop will charge $125/hr for dyno runs... that same shop will charge $550 for a complete tune and chip burn using SCT tools/products.

For the A9L computer that this Fox body uses, I would have expected these guys to have the ability to easily work with me.

I'd like to find a shop with an experienced person(s) who can look at a DataLog and then recommend changes, right then and there, I would implement those changes via the Binary Editor and QH combo... then onto the next dyno/datalog run. Use 1 hour... use 2 hours... I don't care.
Finding the expertise is more important to me than cost.

Before I start calling other shops, I want to see if my expectations are completely out of line...or because I'm not using SCT/Diablo, I'm not likely to easily find a shop interested in this work.

Any opinions would be appreciated.
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Personally, if I take a car to be dyno tuned, the tuner does 100% of the job, and like wise, if I take a car to be dyno'd and would like to tune it, thats the case. Some guys will let you run there dyno others will run your car on their dyno. Either way you are 100% responsible for the tune if you elect to tune it. You are paying for that expertise w/ the dyno tune, it doesn't come free. It's almost like bringing your own steak and eggs to the diner, I know the guys I deal w/ would be insulted if you asked them to work for free. You pay for their years of experiance. Or you pay the hr/ly rate to figure it out for yourself.