Mold in my car?


May 23, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA
My sis got a new car so I took her old pos as a daily driver (98 olds acheiva)
anyways it smells funky in this car, it might be mold? How can i get this smell out? Do they make some kind of special spray for interiors to kill mold and smells?
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evap core drain hoses may be clogged and causing water to build up behind the front pass and driver carpets, causing mold.

sunroof drains (if it has one) can also clog and dump water down the headliner to the lowest point (again, R & L ft carpet), causing smell also.

if the car has a passenger compartment air filter, check that for leaves, debris and quality of the filter, can also cause a bad smell.

good luck.

there is a manufactuter out there that makes a disinfectant especially for GM vehicles and their evap cores; it cleans any mold off the heater and evap core(s) and smells decent. a little strong at first, but worth the $$. check with a GM dealer.
Since the car is a DD, make up a solution of water and bleach. The ideal solution percentage is 10% bleach. Put the solution in a spray bottle and spray it evenly wherever you think there might be mold. Let it sit until it's dry. Works best on hard surfaces but, I have never had a problem with it discoloring the carpet, be careful there, if it matters. I actually like the smell that it leaves. (I work in an IV pharmacy and we spray all our medical equipment with it, when it comes back from the patient.) The bleach smell means "clean", to me.