Most of V8 swap complete READ THIS!!


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Feb 13, 2003
Manhattan, Kansas
After a post a while back I convinced myself of pulling my 351/c4 and sticking a 2.3-5spd back in it.
After a few hours of thinking about it the 351 was sitting on the garage floor. I'm also reworking the body to suit me better as well.

I'm now swapping a high mileage stock long block and back to a T5. A friend and I have only worked on it a few days after work and the body work, wiring and fuel system are done. I'm still waiting on the clutch parts to come before I stick the engine/trans in.

So here's the projected set-up
87 coupe tube front suspension/ coilover w/ 100lbs springs
weld in subframes, 8 point cage, gutted fairly seriously, and removed door safety beams.

Powertrain: 88 2.3T with stinger header, holset HX35, external 38mm wastegate, Big NPR cooler, Custom stainless steel intake rotated, supercoupe Tbody, Kirban fuel press. reg., Ranger cam, walbro 255 high press. and an undetermined amount of nitrous. I'll probably start with 70-80 shot and work towards 100 shot.
There are plently of pictures hanging around of the swap efforts if anybody wants to see them.

The worst part is that I made up my mind about this only a few days ago and I'm building it to take to World Ford challenge 9.....May 18.

Its just sleep right?
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Sleep is for the dead!
Sounds fun. I already know I will not be racing this year, but I am thrashing to Just get the car done to have it there!
Mostly bare metal, No front suspension, rear end still broke (from it's wheels up launch in 03) and abunch of goodies laying around.
Sounds like we are pretty much in the same boat.
and IIRC you are also planning a wedding this year correct? (July 8th here)
Yeah I'm not sure what it is that makes me think of the Better Ideas" as late as I do.
Honestly I have my plan for WFC10 and I have promised myself that after this year I'll have my vehicles ready one year in advance.:rolleyes:

As the events unfolded last year I broke this car about 12 hours before I was supposed to leave for St Louis. I also intend to break it much sooner this time.

anlushac: I've taken into consideration the cams but everything listed I have laying around that was intended for the pinto. I'll throw a cam gear at it to make up for the lack of rpm range.

RED: Will you be joining the thrash this year? Is you're car going? If not figure on spending your weekends here for a little while.

SVO1: Good luck with yours.
I realize how lucky I am to have a fiance that has allowed me to put off the wedding to go back to the race that I proposed at.

To anybody who plans to go to WFC this year: I am waiting on a 38' enclosed trailer that I ordered. Which means, Red if your car is ready and you will split the fuel we can tow your car too. Also, for people who are planning to go, this trailer will have A/C and will be a rolling party.
Yes I will be joining the "thrash" this year, to have my car ready, although I don't think it will be too much of a thrash since I really have about 2 months to get maybe 3 or 4 things done that I NEED to get done. My TC will definitely be there although I won't be racing. Don't worry about a tow, I'll be driving it out. Wouldn't want to make you guys take such a detour anyway.

Sounds like I'll have to swing by your spot in the pits :)
Red I was talking about you meeting here...I'll be stressed enough right up to the point where we leave anyway. After that its too late to worry. Well if you have any big items or tools that you don't want to drag along the offer is still there.

woodster: um...yeah. I do have a pile of fun though. :)

I'm still considering the possibility of building a 2nd for amanda to run. She has a 63 falcon stationwagon that I am going to put the 351w in. At the rate I'm getting the black car done, I might pull it off.
I still can't believe I've pulled this out.

Here's the suitable 260k mile stock 88 TC engine

This used to be a decent car.


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