motor mount question


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Feb 27, 2004
Ludlow, MA
my engine is kind of lop sided. i had one motor mount break and i think they put one in for a hardtop mustang (i have a vert) and i the other is stock. how hard is it to actually change a motor mount with the header(s) on? can i jack up the engine using a big piece of wood and jack up the oil pan distributing the weight evenly under the oil pan?
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piece of cake. try a search, Jrichker has posted a nice little write up with bolt sizes and all that.

i also did a little write up, which should be on those same threads.

good luck.

oh yeah, on my 88 vert, i pulled the fan and shroud (so the fan does not hit the shroud when you jack it up). the oil filter came out and not much else.