motor swap help

Alright, this kid out at the college told me that he put a 460 into his 01 mustang. I was wondering what all it would take to do a swap like that. I have someone trying to sell me a 429 cobrajet with a 6month running warranty on it for a pretty good price and i was wondering if its even possible. Thankx
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Mar 30, 2005
Baltimore, MD
Im sure its possible, but theres a very good chance this kids bull-****ting you. IMO dont drop money on that motor, the custom fab work and all the other nightmares you would run into would probably cost more than it would to make the same power out of a built and blown 2V. It would be cool though.


Oct 21, 2004
Spokane, WA
Anythings possible with cars, but I highly doubt this kid is telling the truth. It would be more than its worth, but if it something you really want to do, then go for it. The CJ is a good motor, but i couldnt see it in an SN-95.
I found 2 cobra's im gonna go take a look at tomorrow. My mustang just rolled 91k on it and i got perimission to go take a look at these, i have a 5k spending limit this time and i have to work my ass off to pay it back this summer. Ones black and stock and the other is silver with cobra r's both have 46k miles on them.