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Mar 2, 2017
getting ready to put my new 5.0 H.O. project together but I'm a little concerned that the cam might be more aggressive than I'm looking for now,,I put the engine together about 20 ears ago for something else but didn't use it and at the time bought a new M-6250 E303 cam from the ford dealer I worked at,,had to pull the cam out to verify the numbers since I couldn't remember which one it was,,the block and heads aren't modified but I've lined up a explorer intake and stock 65mm t-body and have a A9P ecm from a 93 mustang,,staying with the aod trans,,thanks to other great discussions here Ive located what I believe will be a compatible maf from my stash of spare parts from back in the day,,,since I'm not racing anymore I'm going going more street/cruiser than strip so never using this cam before makes me wary of normal everyday driveability with it,the lobe separation is 110 so,some of my research shows that a higher stall torque converter may be needed plus the power range may be higher than I need,,Ive considered trading this cam off for one that would be more user friendly but not a stock one but wondered if anyone has used this setup on a daily driver
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Mar 2, 2017
that's kind of where I'm heading on this too,,I cant remember why I picked this one at the time even for what Id planned on using the engine for,, but now it seems a little much,,mores law I guess where a little is good ,,more is better and too much is just right,,thanks


i'm familiar with penetration
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Feb 18, 2001
If you could track down an 85-88 HO stock cam, that would be the "best" of the stockers
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