MPH gain from gears? Not the typical gear question.


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May 9, 2000
Kenmore, WA
Maybe someone here has experience on this topic.

I am currently trapping at 107.9 @ 5100 RPM with 3.55 gears. I am seriously considering 4.10's but that will put me at redline at ~110. I'd rather not wind out that tight sincei I'm not making power up at 6k RPM.

Does anyone have any numbers to answer this question?
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What size tire?

On a 26" tire you'll hit the traps around 5800 in 4th.

I ditched my 3.55s for 3.90s years ago and got about 1-1.5 mph for it. Old car ran right about what you are now, then started running 109+. That old engine made peak HP around 5300, and liked being shifted at 5800-6000.

Car is a toy now, so its time for some 4.30s

Good luck with it.