MT / Pypes X pipe leak help

I bought a used Mustang Tuning X pipe from the classifieds. Have it all bolted up, but it did not come with the 2 inch peice that slips into the drivers side pipe. It leaks bad. Any suggestions. Is there a similar part I can buy. Is it something I can make. I am going F#$%ing nuts with this thing.

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I'd start by calling up MT and see if they can get you just that piece from whatever manufacturer they get the pipe from. If it's possible, I'm sure they will work with you on that.

If that method doesn't work, you could contact other companies like Mac, and see if they can get you just that piece. Summit might have one listed too.. maybe give them a call.
Part is being overnighted from pypes. 1st phone call I made. There is not part number for it. You just have to describe it. Only $5.00 though. Wish I could get back the 8 hours I spent trying to get it to seal with out it. Oh Well. Pypes customers service kicks A55:nice: :hail2: