Multiple codes popped up on my 2010 v6 mustang HELP


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Jun 16, 2019
Hello I have an issue with my 2010 Ford mustang v6. It completely shut off on me this morning after I crunk it up.... it turns over as if I wants to crank but it WONT are the codes that pulled up p0193, p0183, p0113, p0102 .I had the mufflers removed last week because the insides were burnt out so its straight pipes after the cats. Would this be an issue?
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Jul 12, 2018
Hi, Sorry to hear of your issues. Cause depends on your specific information about the Car, did it run great before this, or did it have some issues already. How long after did it start stalling, when this occurred in relation to the work done on the Exhaust..
Running perfect prior to this, or have subtle issues? If you don’t tell me, IDK.
100% Positive Fuel Tank is Full of good Fuel?
Is it Stock or modified in any way, I.e. a Tune, etc..?
Exhaust work may:
-Indirectly affect, E.G. Melted Wire(s) on Exhaust System, Wiring or Vacuum lines disturbed, damaged. Damaged, Wires melted to Exhaust afterwards, overextended.Connectors to Sensors.
- Directly, if Battery, CPU are connected, a Welding Ground is bad, Weld current may follow Vehicle Grounds, Wiring, seeking Ground & damage other sensitive items.etc,
IS rare, but possible..VIEW the area near where work was done. Try these next.
1) Jot down & clear the Codes.
2) Pull your Airbox apart, clean the Filter or replace, clean the IAC/MAF Sensor & inside to the Throttle Body with CRC MAF Cleaner.
3) View the area where work was done, replace any Wires, hoses that appear to be problematic.
4) Remove, Clean, reinstall ALL your Grounds, Battery to Block, Block to Chassis, Battery to CPU, Both Battery terminals. Remove -Clean- Tighten securely.
5) Seek any bad Connectors and Wiring out, Check your Rail Fuel Pressure Transducer Wiring, Connectors.
6) If you can get the Car to run, look at your Data Streaming, view Fuel Pressure, IAT Temp, 02’s, etc..

‘Your Fuel System..
->Ford used the Electronic Returnless Fuel System (or ERFS) through 2010, changing to a different design in 2011+). It uses a Fuel Pressure Transducer mounted on the fuel rail & measures fuel rail pressure relative to manifold pressure & sends this Data back to the.Vehicle’s ECU, which controls the Fuel Pump Driver Module (FPDM), Increasing/Decreasing DC Voltage to the fuel pump in the tank to supply preset pressure/flow to the rail(s) & injectors based on the Sensors.. Pressure is typically maintained at 39.15 psi D. (D= Delta; Rail Pressure when Injectors are operating.).
When fuel temperature rises, this pressure may automatically be increased in order to delay onset of Fuel Boiling in the Rail
There may be several reasons for this, typically simple, Crud, etc..checking above basics will eliminate, establish basics.
No, IDT “modifying” the Exhaust caused this directly, but you may wish to replace your Mufflers, nonetheless. Loud isn’t a good sound in that capacity & will reduce performance..Seek out some good Mufflers for proper backpressure & a crisp sound you like. Does your Scantool support “Freeze Frame” Datalogging, read live Data while running (PID’s) ? Good luck! John

Notes:10’ Mustang, 4.0., Gutted Mufflers, has Cat’s, Mod’s(?) Wiring, FPT?.
Mustang P0102 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Low Input, Mustang P0113 Intake Air Temperature Sensor 1 Circuit High, Mustang P0183 Fuel Temperature Sensor A Circuit High, P0193 Fuel Pressure transducer High.