Mustang rear brakes... Lets talk about it!


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Aug 12, 2002
Shippensburg, PA
Why wont my BLAH rear brake pads fit with my new rotor... I turned that BLAH thing clockwise and all i kept doing is busting up my knuckles when the pliars slipped.... How many times does this thing need to be turned???? I put on rear lower control arm too... Boy those bolts were tight... HELP WITH BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!
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Pliers will do the job but you might try the little tool that's made specifically for the rear caliper. Costs about $5 at your local parts store and fits a bit better. Your'e doing it correctly so that's the only suggestion I'd have. Good luck.
MoNsTaMaCk24 said:
Brake pads are a pain to get in also... I think stabbing myself would be a lot less painful than messin with these brakes!!! Err... So I am suppose to turn these clockwise for sure???? Id hate to be going the wrong way....
Yes, it is clockwise and it shouldn't be too difficult to turn in. There is always the possiblity that the caliper has seized too. Were the old pads worn evenly? Are both sides being that difficult?
I know your frustration!!! Heres how to do it right! Go to a NAPA they have the only tool that I found that works and fits just right. Don't waste your time with Auto Zone or Advance Auto tools they don't fit right! This is a major Knuckle saver!!! I tried it with pliers also. SUCKS!!!! trust me go get the right tool and put those new pads on! :flag:
toke said:
Yes, it is clockwise and it shouldn't be too difficult to turn in.

When I did the rear brakes on my '95, even with the right tool (well, it was from Pepboys), it was very difficult to turn, and it was that way on both sides.

I really don't look forward to ever having to do that again!