mustang wreck - body work question


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Jun 16, 2004
I got hit and crumpled the driverside fender, valence, bumper... I think it's time to start restoring this beast anyways. I was wondering if anyone had any experience and knew how much I could do without welding. Could I forinstance, replace the fender, headlight assembly, valence, and bumper without any welding?

the frame is not damaged, nor is the wheel well or anything to that extent.






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Yikes - tough break man but I feel your pain, mine has been "love tapped" a few times over the years. All that stuff on the outside bolts on, so that's easy to do with no welding. The tricky part is what can't see - if the radiator support, inner fenders, or frame is damaged then you may be looking at some welding or at least some work by a frame or body shop to get it straight enough to bolt the outside stuff to.
Sweetness!! alright,

okay, i didn't expect such good replies so quickly. I have another couple of quick questions for you guys. See how the door is so rusty? Would I need to buy a Shell or the entire thing, and I know i would need a door spring compressor to get that badboy off of there. how hard is it to do doors?

Radiator is fine, As far as I know all the supports and front end stuff is good to go. i'm a happy camper.
If the hinge is like my early '67 (and I think it is with a different bolk pattern) it just unbolts as an assembly from the pillar and the door without needing a spring compressor. Your call on the door, you have three options: fix what's there, skin the shell, or buy another door (used or repro). If you're wanting to bolt stuff on the last will be easiest, but one or two may be less expensive depending upon what you've got to work with.
That's one sad looking pony you got there......

I'd replace the door if at all possible. If you get used parts, strip 'em to bare metal and use a self-etching primer, then go from there. If the frame and radiator support are good you're lucky, because everything else is easily replaced.
aftermarket stuff normally comes with e-coat on it. If you strip it and apply a good quality primer, you can't go wrong. However, I just sanded mine and painted over it, haven't had any problems yet. I would rather find a used ford door than buy an aftermarket one, the aftermarket fenders/valence/etc. are ok, but sometimes take a little work to get them to line up properly. I've heard horror stories about doors though......
Don’t be afraid of welding. If you can afford the $500 - $600 it costs to get a small MIG welder then it would be worth your time to talk to your local welding supply store. It’s lots of fun, once you get comfortable with it. Or spend that same $500 - $600 and have someone else weld for you – but what’s the fun in that?
When I replaced the door on my Daughters 65 coupe, I found that placing a floor jack under the door helps to hold it up when removing the bolts. Made replacing doors easier for me.