SN95 My 94


Jun 21, 2013
Brick, NJ
Well this is how she sits eight now I've cleaned her up a bit since I bought it. Ton of fun to drive. And not bad for what I paid for it. Now that I figured a few problems out. Its a 94 gt. No mods on the motor except a cai. Its lowerd with eibach springs. I believe they are 17 in ponies. I'm not positive tho I've seen them on 97 and 98s before but never chrome. I've got an unknown exhaust system from the headers back. I don't know what brand h pipe ot cat back but it sounds great. It looks like I have cheap ebay headlights tho and ugly ass altezzas in the back I painted the bezel on the tails black looks a lot better thenchrome. And ahea a 5spd. I've got ala lot planned for this car hopefully it gets done. what do you guys think? Not bad for under 2k?


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Oh and its got 3.73s in the reae for a bit morw kick. I love it and can't wait to start the body work. Kinda diggin the color too. I added the black decals on the sides. I couldn't resist since that is what I do for a living lol. Thinking about putting "302" or "5.0 H.O" or aomething like that on the sides to go woth the decals I put on there.