My Brenspeed Order ...


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Apr 1, 2004
This is on its way;

- Pypes O/R H
- Mac Axle back

I originally wanted to go steeda axle back, but I couldn't pass up the viscious sound of the Mac's. I suppose I could always swap it later if I feel it's too loud/droney. I really don't think there is such a thing as "too" loud. :nice: I didn't want to do anything but the exhaust, but it looks like the CAI W/ X-CAL is a no-brainer by reading what you guys are posting about that combo. For less than $1200 shipped, looks like I'm going to get a lot for my money.

Future mods.

- 410's
- GT 500 racing stripes (probably gun metal, but am looking for pics of a darker silver)

Thanks for the help guys. :flag:

I got one of those "Mr. Dyno" things as a gift a few years ago. I suppose I could hook it up to see what kind of gains I get. Not sure how accurate it is, though. Any thoughts?
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You shouldn't be dissapointed with what you're getting. I have the same goodies, but Flows instead of MAC...for now! I could have a set of MAC on this Saturday. I'm quite curious to how they sound in person.
You'll love the MAC's. I've never given second thought to them ever since I've had them. I've been used to the sound for so long now I want them louder and will eventually get some longtubes with midpipe and that should do the trick:)