~My Car In Car Craft This Month~


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Jun 22, 2002
Dallas, TX
First and foremost I would like to thank Brian (Powershift03) for his help with getting me in touch with John. I could have never had the opportunity without him. :cheers:

I have been working on Mustangs for 20 years and never had my car in a magazine. I have only had other peoples cars that I have worked on in them. Now thanks to Brian and John I was able to! :nice:

Anyway, here it is!!!! :banana:

Here is the cover:

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That is sick I will have to buy an issue.
Thanks man.

Awesome Kevin!

Looks like some things have changed since I last saw under the hood. :nice:
Thanks JT. A few things but believe it or not the long block is all stock down to the stock exhaust manifolds! I would have never dreamed this would be possible a few years ago. And the driveability is just like stock.

That there is the bible of hot rods! Congrat's buddy, you made it! :nice:
Thanks Billy! :cheers: