My friends freshly painted yellow Mustang

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i like the paint, it looks really good with the tinted windows. But im not likeing those rims, they dont look bad when you look at them but when you look at the whole picture especially the back end it doesn't look right on that car
The paint job was cheap. His friend did it. I know the paint was spendy. It is PPG if I am not mistaken. It has never been to a strip as far as I know, but it is stock. Except for a few minor mods. I just got done doing the mass air conversion to it. It has a K&N Cone style filter, and MSD blaster coil and plug wires. We auto cross our cars, but have not gone drag racing, although we probably will be in Sept.
92GreenGT said:
Looks alright, that color is different on a Fox.:nice:

But I dont really like the wheels but hey thats my opinion.


That was my first impression too Nice car but needs chrome ponies or chrome cobra r wheels