My Luck Just Sucks!

Brian Berthold

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Aug 25, 2013
so i got stuck in the snow with my 94 GT wile backing into my driveway i tried the rocking method didnt work i had to hand dig the car out by hand well got it into the driveway went inside got my things to head to my parents house will no forward gears i do have R its to gold to check trans fluid and the fact my driveway is on a hill

my question is a 2 part about how much is a AODE rebuild

and 2 i see people asking about the 1994 F150 4R70W trans should i stick with AODE or go to 4R70W
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if you got stuck and no longer have forward gears my first thought would be to make sure your linkage didnt get messed up. no need to jump into a rebuild for no reason.
im hoping it doesnt need a rebuild ... im the kind that tries to think of everything you know cover all bases .... worst case is a rebuild or replacement to 4R70W which is what most of the cars i have had used (crown vic's) since it happend by getting stuck in snow my insurance is sending someone out to see if its covered (not holding breath) ... in fact how can anyone do that anyways?? look to see if it was cuz the snow LOL ???!!!???
unless you hit something and busted your pan and lost all your fluid and then you woudnt have any gear I dont see how you need to rebuild your tranny. linkage is likely bent not allowing for forward travel. why would you have called the insurance anyway? Filing a claim will likely jack your rates.