My water pump is leaking...


Sep 10, 2003
Cohasset, Ma
My water pump has been leaking from the top, coolant is collecting in a small "pocket" between it and the engine block. Seems as if I have a bad gasket, how do I replace it? Where should I get one from? The current water pump has replaced the old one, but it is the same as the stocker. Maybe it wasn't torqued on enough 2-3yrs ago when it was put on, but im just guessing... I could also use some help with removing and installing the serpintine belt (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

Thanks Guys
1995 Gts
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water pump is a pretty easy deal to replace, don't really know any tricks, just have a good selection of sockets, extensions, and wrenches ready, maybe a swivel to, then have at it. with some mechanical ability you can do it yourself, it's not hard. for the belt, there is a thread on here a few pages back with a diagram on how to route it back on, came in handy for me the other night. I got mine off by just he-manning it down by the idler pulley, got enough slack then popped right off. to get it back on, I routed it, through all the pullies, saving the same idler for last, easiest to access. 15mm wrench on the tensioner, pushing down, belt went right back on. check that thread for the routing. I got a replacemnet at autozone a few years ago, about 60 bucks, still going strong. good luck man, later
hey fawcet, make sure the coolant is coming from the water pump before you go changing it. Look for a small rust stain coming down from the lower intake to where you see the coolant puddling up. Mine was slowing leaking coolant from the lower intake, I had to take the upper off and retorque the bolts on the lower in the proper pattern, not sure if this is your prob, but check and make sure.
Don't know if this is true for our cars, but on my chevy truck the water pump had a "weep hole". Coolant would come out of it when the pump went bad; Kinda letting you know that you need to replace it. But IDK if this is the same for our cars. Check out the haynes manual. It will tell you anything you need for the removal/install. Pretty simple on our cars.

On my mom's 4runner, I had to remove the timing belt to replace the waterpump. Stupid imports! So be happy you don't have that problem.
water pump is about 6 bolts. its simple as hell. pull the lower rad. hose, 6 bolts, pop it off, clean all mating surfaces, gasket with rtv, bolts, hose, done. oh, dont forget to drain the radiator. hope this helps a bit. ive done it about 7 times on stangs and about 19 times on other cars at work. its a simple science now
Does anyone else think it's kind of funny/ironic that a guy with the username "fawcett" has a leaking water pump? :lol:

Good luck with it fawcett. I don't think you can really go wrong with most replacement pumps. I've heard good things about the Autozone replacement pumps, the ones from Summit, the Edelbrocks, and the Stewarts.

If/when mine goes I'm going to try to splurge for an electric WP...every little bit of HP helps! :)
FYI: Use your new wp box and trace an outline of the pump and as you take out the bolts poke them in the box along the pattern so you don't get them mixed up when installing the new one.
I am presently swapping my water pump on mine as well and have come against a lil problem. The last most bottom bolt seems to be behind the crankshaft pulley. I see 4 blots on this pulley but when I try to wrench them off I just end up spinning the crank. Anyone got any good ideas to quickly get this done?


PS:Sorry fawcett. Not trying to hijack your thread.