mystery mustang vin #ending in four 0's


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Dec 6, 2006
1fabp12b5bf170000,,wish i could post photos but i don't know how,,well anyways i found it this weekend at the local junkyard,its a 1982 mustang,has the wierdest convertable top,custom aluminum lifting brackets for the top,,the back lights i think are from a Mclaren they have deep molded horizontal lines running all across them, all red with one clear 4by4 inch or so white back up lens,no yellow lens in them,my buddy grabbed them quick,i have a 69stang he has an 84 he's fixing up,..i think its a canadian model,aren't the last numbers in a vin # the sequence they were produced????interior was mustard yellow,engine is a straight six auto,,the frame is totally rotted out,the convertble top has plastic clear side windows stitched in,with a custom fiberglass frame attached to the quarter panels and trunk area,wonder if it was a coupe originally or a prototype since it has the four zeros
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Thats just the luck of the draw...the last numbers in the VIN are the production number. It starts w/ a 1, so that a US car (canadian cars start w/ 2).

Just after some quick searching, all I could find is that its an 1981 Mustang Ghia, w/ the 3.3 inline 6 (which I've never heard of in a fox body).

However, the model descriptor (P12 in this case) is not listed anywhere. hmmm...

btw, Pretty cool VIN Decoder (some popups though)
the junk yard is in summit illinois called picknpull its there right now,wow it can sure be a jewel to someone,i guess no car can be to rusty to restore if you have the bank,its a straight six for sure,wonder how many came with a straight six
Even in the listings of all the ford VIN identifiers, I couldn't find any reference for a Fox Mustang having an inline I'd say its pretty rare. Do you have pictures of it? if you can't post them, can you email them to me and I'll post them?
have to go back to take some pics,but i won't have time till the weekend,thanks for the info,i though it was from canada because under the dash pad it had made in canada but thats just the pad i guess,the straight six fits nice and low has the stock hood but someone took the round emblem from the hood,
Yes, the mustang did come in an inline 6 in the funky early 80's. Like the 4.2L V8, it had a limited production run. The only place I have scene a I6 mustang was a picture in a Haynes manual, it didn't look like anything special, so I hope we don't see anyone seeking one of these things and buying a big turbo for it thinking of building a supra/skyline-mustang. :rolleyes:
Problem with the I-6 motor is that it has a unique K-member. If you want to drop a 5.0 into that car you need to swap it out with a V8 or 4-banger K-member.

As for Vin Numbers, it's just the luck of the draw. They are sequencial numers. No real premium for having the Vin# 170000.

Now if you had a dollar bill with a serial number like that, you could sell it on Ebay for $5 or more (i'm not kidding either)
My buddy's first car was a '79 notch with a straight six. That thing is still remembered to this day between us as the most horrid turd on four wheels that ever was. I remember dodging jets of water shooting up through the open holes in the floor while driving through a rainstorm. :D
hey you guys must give the straight six some respect ,its one of fords best gas engines ever, they will outlive most other gas engines,they are great for towing ,not racing,, hey i did some research,i think the car i found is somehow related to the asc mclaren company ,,i found that asc converted coupes into convertibles,the pics of early80's asc convertibles on the net are the same as the one i found
Just in case anyone was wondering, here are the pics that 2.3 took of the 6-cyl Ghia. That top looks weird and I've never seen tail lights like that before. Looks like a strange find to me.





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Thanks PrimeLord for posting the pics for me!,hey guys anyone know any info on those tailights?they are d9 castings so they are 1979 models,but i have never seen them on any other mustang,