Feeler: 1994 Mustang Gt, Tfs Upper, T64e Turbo

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Apr 1, 2004
Portland, OR
I am the only owner on this car. Well, truth be told, my dad was the original owner. He bought it brand-new in 1994 when I was 12, very rarely drove it and I ended up buying it from him at age 18. Of course as an 18 year old, living at home, with a full-time job and a mint Mustang sitting in my garage, what was I to do? Modifications. I will list as many as I can remember below.

Recently, I've decided to sell my baby, as I drive it maybe five times a year. It's not really practical to hang on to it, moving it from garage to garage as I move. And I'd kinda like to have that garage space back for a nice daily driver.

The car:

1994 Mustang GT Vert. (black top), Canary Yellow, Clean title

- Stock 5.0 block (new rings about 20k ago)
- Tubular K-member with solid motor mounts
- Fluidyne radiator
- TFS aluminum heads
- TFS stage 1 cam
- TFS upper/lower intake
- MSD 6AL ignition
- 42lb injectors
- 255lph fuel pump
- T64e turbo, FMIC, Tial by-pass and wastegate
- Greddy boost controller
- Greddy turbo timer
- 3" downpipe to 2.5" Y-pipe
- 2.5" cat-less H-pipe
- 2.5" Magna-flows with 4" tips
- Tremec TKO 5-spd tranny
- Spec Stage 3+ clutch
- 13" Cobra front brakes
- Smog and AC delete
- Custom piggy-back ECU tune
- Dyno'd 471rwhp/540rwtq @ 10.5psi

- D&D coilovers and camber kit
- Billstien shocks/struts
- Upper and lower control arms
- Subframe connectors

Exterior (9/10):
- Saleen front facia
- Saleen side skirts with door mounts
- Saleen rear bumper
- Saleen S281 rear spoiler
- Saleen S351 heat-extractor hood
- Saleen light-bar
- Racing Hart M5's (19x8.5 front, 19x9.5 rear)
- Nitto 555 tires (245/40 front, 275/35 rear)
- Cobra clear headlights with 5000k HID's and matching clear corners with auburn LED signals

Interior (8/10):
- Corbeau bucket seats
- Rear seat delete
- 4 guage custom dash cluster (speedo, tach, fuel press. and oil press.)
- 2 guage A-pillar cluster (boost and A/F)
- 3 guage center cluster (water temp., voltage and fuel level)
- Mach I speakers with aftermarket CD player

- Paint has some rock chips in the front and a couple scratches on the rear (unnoticeable from 5-ft)
- Tune has surging issues during curising, which is common among SN95 5.0 ECU's
- No stock guage cluster, hence no accurate odometer. If I had to estimate, I would say it has 100,000 miles or less on the frame.

I'm thinking $10,000 seems like a fair asking price. What say you, StangNet?

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