Drivetrain Need A Stock Yoke For 88ish 5.0 T5. Is M-4841-b Correct?


Sep 17, 2007
Have a bit of a leak out the back of the T5 in my 87-89 (Not sure of exact year, I just used the drivetrain) 5 spd. The yoke seems a little rusty where it rides in the seal.

Is a FRPP M-4841-B the stock replacement? Or is there something different about that one (u-joints, etc?).

What else is a stock replacement?

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Change the bushing inside as well as the seal. It might be VERY tricky to get the bushing out with the tailhousing on the T-5. The mainshaft tends to be in the way.

That shaft looks like it will work on a t-5 fine. The AOD's use a counterweight on their yokes, but that's not an issue here. That's the only difference I know
Yeah, that looks right. Another suggestion....not a yoke on it's own, but this might be a good excuse to upgrade to a FRPP aluminum shaft. Great way to reduce driveline vibration, remove some drivetrain weight and in comes with that same 28-spline Yoke.
Thanks guys. THis is on a 67, so driveshaft would have to be custom made. Not doing that just yet.

But that looks like a stock replacement? Uses the same U-joints as a fox? (I think I took the yoke and driveshaft from a fox, chucked the driveshaft, and had some u-joints that mated with another driveshaft.. so yoke is from a Fox on mine, so I need an identical replacement).