Need advice for engine build on a budget

ok here i go

i have the stock 302 efi in the car

i got a set of 351w dooe heads milled .030 with mild porting new valves etc

i got a 351w i took out out of a 1983 lincoln has 65,000 on it

my question is what would be the best option for making the most power putting the dooe heads on the 302 or should i put them on the 351 i plan on keeping it efi

also what cam would be best i do race 1/8th mile car has t-5 tranny and 3.73 gears for now plan to go to aod or c4 in the future

both motors have stock internal parts
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Budget wise I'ld put the heads on the 302. To go 351 you'ld need to get new exhaust headers and efi distributor and intake manifold so save that money for something else. FRPP E-303 cam will work well or something on the mild side from Comp Cams. What is your final goal for power? It may be cheaper in the long run to start building for that from the start.
The car ran around 8.80 as it sets i would like to see low 7s or high 6s not sure how much power that takes though

im leaning towards this on the 302 shortblock

69 dooe heads redone and milled
F303 cam

then later adding a t-70 turbo

any thoughts?
ok i almost figured it out

the plan:
stock 93 shortblock
dooe heads milled to 58cc
comp 1.6 rr
trick flow spring kit
Tfs stage 1 cam
ported stock lower till i find a gt40 explorer intake
70mm throttle body and mass air

problem is the stage 1 cam sounds weak compared to the F303 :shrug: any guesses on hp?
that combo sounds real similar to the ones that some friends and I have been running , the only thing different is that we have been running the gtp and the gt40 heads that are on the 96 to 01 ford explorers and mercury mountainers the 97 and up engines are all gtp heads they have smaller combustion chambers.... with the stage one trick flow cam and the explorer intake we have been making over 300hp and into the 350ftlbs of torq , then we been running 150 shot of nitrous and getting into the 450 hp and 500ftlbs of torq ...lots of fun
remember that the stage one trick flow cam is profiled for nitrous or supercharger and or turbo ....thats why its not as aggressive as the f- cam