Need For Speed Movie’s Ford Mustang Chase Tribute


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Nov 29, 1999
Auburn, AL
There is no doubt the upcoming Need for Speed movie is going to be a total thrill ride. Yeah, it might sound a little trite to say this, but seriously. The 50th Anniversary of the Ford Mustang. A gaming movie set to pay homage to amateur speed fetishes, chase scenes from Hollywood past, and let’s not forget–simply awesome sports & super cars. Did we mention the Mustang is making yet another silver screen appearance. Right. Got it.

So for about 2 hours of silver screen time, viewers are going to get plenty of throwback material, including shots from Bullitt. Need we say more?

“…the focus when we made this movie, [was] trying to figure out why we still quote a movie from 50 years ago as the best car movie of all time,” says director and executive producer Scott Waugh, a former stuntman who directed the 2012 Navy Seal action movie “Act of Valor.”

So in the mix of all the high-flying and incredible action, seemingly unrealistic car worth, and loads of tire-smoking entertainment, the producers of this one were able to “give it up” to the legends which made it happen and set us all back firmly in our seats for a ride we’d never or at the least, soon forget.

“’Bullitt’ was 10 minutes of motor noise and great tension, all reels, no CG [computer graphics],” Waugh says of the chase sequence. “We wanted to make a movie that paid respects to that world.”

No doubt, Mr. Waugh. No doubt, for sure. We’ll have to see what this one looks like for ourselves, when the release in North America comes about.

Head over to the ‘Tribune to read the rest of this one. It’s good stuff.

Source: Chicago Tribune

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