need help asap! initial timing

I cannot get the engine to fire up what I've tried is putting the timing mark on the dampener at 0 TDC with the 10 deg to the right of it. then I drop the distributor (carb w/vacum) and the rotor pointing back at 12 o'clock so that when it seats fully it will point to the #1 cylinder which is about 1 or 2 o'clock. then nothing. I tried going 180 deg. from that as well and still nothing. So I had my neighbor crank it while I had the timing light on it and the marks were showing up a 1/4 of the way clockwise everytime the gun light went off. I need to get the car going for tomorrow. (work) this is a 302 flat hyd tapped engine '82 can someone p.m. me a number I can call them on to speed up the explanation process. all or any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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Pull the # 1 spark plug ....disconnect the coil.... have some one bump the ignition slowly....stick your thumb over the spark plug hole...when the compression from the cylinder blows your thumb off the hole that's your compression stroke. Bring the piston to the top of the cylinder, point the dist at # 1 spark plug wire & WAALA
sn9550 said:
Did you set the #1 cylinder to TDC on the compression stroke to start out with?

crank over the engine and leave your distributor hold down nut loose, while cranking have your neighbor turn the distributor back and forth till she fires, than at least you know the approximate area that she'll fire, if that doesn't work remove the distributor and turn it 180 degree and repeat till she turns over.
ok. guys and gals she is firing up! :D what I did was set the #1 piston on it's compression stroke then that put the balancer at TDC so I kept turning it clockwise until approx 12 deg. then I dropped in the distributor and set the rotor to the #1 terminal on the cap. she fired up fine but when I went to connect the vacum hose coming from the vac. secondary carb the timing jumped clockwise about 1/4 turn of the balancer is this normal? the car kind of sounds like a farm truck though :rlaugh: nehow thanks everyone for their help and imput I hope I
can help anyone in the future.