Need help finding wheel lock key

Dave Anderson

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Aug 30, 2012
Long Beach, California
I was able to get three of the four keys off my wife's Mustang but the last one is on there with a vengeance. These are hardened and have 5 raised areas on the 5 sided key. Four of the raised areas are about 6mm wide and the 5th one is about 4mm wide. The markings on the side are G661-1/2H. I called Gorilla and tried to contact Eagle but n.o help there. I am really stuck and am thinking the only way I might be able to get this off is to drill out the stud. I am replacing the hubs any way but having the key would be so much easier. You can see I have beat the crap out of the key with various size sockets, both metric and SAE and even a hardened, damaged nut remover but this thing is not budging. Ideally someone with recognize this and be able to tell me who makes the removal key.


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Oct 10, 2000
Chesterfield, MO

Can't help with a key, sorry. I do have some suggestions that may help.

Have you hit the inside threads with PB Blaster (penetrating oil, not regular WD-40)? Have you hit it with a propane or MAP gas torch? Heat often helps to loosen a fastener quicker than brute force. Might need brute force and heat to get that little fella off, lol.