Need help getting keys!!


Oct 8, 2003
I just bought a 93 coupe from a local insurance company and they did not have the keys for it. I tried pushing in the little hole at the bottom of the ignition but I do not have a key to turn it to pop the cylinder out. I'm going to call Ford but I highly doubt they can cut a key for a 93. What do you guys suggest?
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i need a door lock/hatch key for my 93 GT. I've called 3 Ford dealerships, they said that the car is too old to make a key with the VIN. :( they told me to call a locksmith. I found a guy who can make me me a key for 40 bucks for my door.

maybe call a locksmith i guess is what im saying cause a Ford dealership most likely aint gonna have anything? :shrug: :shrug:

let me know if u find somethin though!! :nice:
I had a similar problem but i needed a new lock for mine (someone tried to break in my car and ruined the pass side lock) Ford would only sell a package of 3 locks ( 2 doors and 1 trunk ) They wanted almost 200 bux Canadian for the set. I ended up getting a junkyard lock cylinder and had a locksmith change the tumblers so i could use my exsisting key.I'm sure they could do the reverse and make a key if you removed the lock cylinder.I think it cost me about 40 bux.
When I bought my 90, it had been sitting in a garage for a couple of years and he had lost the keys at some point. I just called a locksmith out and he cut me door and ignition keys on the spot. The make em right of the locks somehow. I think I paid $80 for the whole deal.
Thanks for the replys i'm going to call Ford this morning. If I have to pay a lot for a set of keys I might as well buy a new set of cylinders and keys...Does anyone know how to get the ignition cylinder out without having the key? I pushed the little thing on the bottom but I can't turn it to pop it out since I do not have the key....

There is a FREE recall on Ford ignition switches. They overheat and sometimes catch fire.

Copy down you VIN number and call the Ford dealer nearest you. Tell them you want to see if the ignition switch recall for Fords & Mustangs was done on your car. They will ask for the VIN number & check it against the master database. If it isn't in the database, then you can schedule an appointment to have the switch replaced for free. The TSB is #95S28, and don't let them tell you that they don't do that anymore...
Take the lock cylinders out and pour out the tumblers. Now your car has locks that work with even a screwdriver. Ask yourself: do people really really walk around checking locks with random keys? No. If a theif targets your cars, he's getting in locks or no.

I say this cause my 91 came with de-tumblered locks and she's street parked outside (ok in a nice neighborhood but nobody has tried them even at the mall).

The ignition lock's only purpose is to lock the steering column and provide a mechanism for the electrical system main switch to function. Just drill out the retaining pin and you dont need to have it have a key at all. Pour out the tumblers. Do people really get in your car and check random keys in the ignition? No.

Just wire the ignition system to something random like the foglight switch (who will guess) and noone will ever get your car to start even if they get in. Security through confusion.

It flies in the face of conventional logic but can you really say that your locks are going to stop anyone from doing what they were gonna do anyways? I got a junkyard explorer hatch open by jamming a screwdriver into the lock, and pushing sideways. POP! Dont waste your money on ford locks dude, theyre more for show than security.
Ford can't cut them. The idea of taking the tumblers out would definately work, but I would buy a set of locks and keys before I made a car that would start with a screw driver. A friend of mine has a set of keys and cylinders but I can not get the cylinder out of the ignition. Please help.
If you take the shroud off, there is a little hole in the casting. If you were able to get the key into the lock and turn it to ON, you could put some wire in there and the cylinder would slide out. can drill into this spot and the cylinder would come out too once enough material was removed.
Hey, can you get the key code? I know a guy who has a yard full of mustangs.....I'm sure he'll sell you a keyset. Not sure if they can give you the key codes from the VIN but if they can, call Menards in chester NH 603-887-4049. My 87, I remember had an "H" keyset and while I was there, I got a spare keyset to leave at home so the fam can move the stanggy stang in my absence
You could just buy a lockset out of a crashed car. Get both door locks, the ignition, the glove box and trunk/hatch locks and the keys that go with them.

or you can buy new here

Part way down the page you'll see ignition lock sets with keys and key tag for $30 and right tunder it the rest of the set for $80.
I decided today to just take the steering wheel off and pull the whole piece off that holds the ignition since I could not get the cylinder out without a key and without breaking it. And I also popped out the trunk lock and I am going to take them to a locksmith and get him to make me a set of keys for it.

Anyway, I was able to start it tonight and turn the wheel since I took the column apart. Man was I impressed. It is bone stock except cobra wheels and a catback and it was so peppy and quick. Felt like it has gears but I double checked and they are stock. And I thought my 95 was quick (3.73's) I guess it helps that it was never really ripped on with it only having 43,000 miles. Thanks.