need help no spark


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Feb 11, 2010
I just bought a 95 mustang 5 speed 5.0 when i bought the car it was running fine except for at idle it would pump black smoke out the exhaust which was raw fuel i unhooked the tps and it ran fine after that but i drove it to work and when i got in it to leave it didnt want to start but it finally did when i held the throttle half way down when i got in it the next day it wouldnt start at all it just cranks over so i pulled the coil wire and there is no spark at all but im getting current at the positive wire on the coil so far i have replaced the coil,tfi,distributer,computer,ignition control module and im still not getting any spark now heres the strange thing when i hold the pedal half way down it seems to be getting fire but not enough to run it seems like it is only hitting on two or three cylinders almost like it is out of time but i know it is not so im at a loss any help would be greatly appreciated also my motor is a 306 eldelbrock upper and lower intake cold air intake 24lb injectors
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Sounds like your plugs are fouled. Pull your plugs and see if they are clean. I am thinking they are fouled from a way too rich fuel mixture. And plug the TPS back in. The computer needs the TPS to know how much fuel it should be getting. Then go back and figure out why it was getting too much fuel at idle.
ok i pulled the plugs and im getting way to much gas and im also getting plenty of spark i pluged the tps back in and it makes no difference would a bad fuel pressure regulator cause the problem and how do you tell if it is bad
it keeps coming up read code error so its not giving me any codes i had it running yesterday and when it would first start it would rev real high and then level out to about 900 rpms and while i was driving it it seemed to be starving for gas couldnt do much over 50 and i got in it today and it wont start again flooding out so im going to replace the fuel pressure regulator tomorrow let you know what happens maybe i will get lucky