Need help picking a computer reprogrammer


New Member
Sep 18, 2003
South Coast, MA
I have a 2000 GT vert., it is mostly stock except for a Mac after cat exhaust. and a BBK CAI kit. I am looking to add a kenne bell or procharger super charger sometime in the future. But for right now I want to get a computer reprogrammer and I would like you help.

I know there are quite a few out there, and my local shop is a big supporter of the Diablo handheld unit. But what i am looking for is something that will give me alot of flexability on my own as well as the ability to monitor, record data on the road, and read trouble codes. I don't mind sacrificing a few horse for the flexability of being able to adjust on the fly or from within my own garage.

A few of the units that have caught my eye, are the hyperpac, the Sniper Scout (or which ever one that allows me to hook my laptop to the car), or the Superchips handheld unit.

Please give me you opinions, experiances, and recomendations, on the products that will give me all of the above flexability and be prepared for my future upgrades. Thank you.
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