Need help with a steering rack choice!


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May 4, 2019
So, just did my homemade rag joint delete because there’s no way I was paying $280 for a solid shaft. That part all went GREAT. However...I didn’t know that the input shaft of our steering racks held fluid so now my rack is shot. I had drilled a 3/8” slot in the input shaft for the lock down bolt on my u-joint to have a solid place to grab and fluid started coming out...I have a spare rack laying around that I can use for now, however, I’m tired of this slop in the wheel that I STILL HAVE.

I’ve read all about the 03-04 cobra rack upgrade. The cardone 22-2000 ZF stamp and all. I found a master pro cobra rack for $150 at oreillys(yay for commercial accounts) part number 101-0231. Now, I’m not sure whether this will compare to the cardone part or completely eliminate my slop, which is my goal. No, I’m not going manual rack because I daily this car and run 255/40/18’s up front. My other option would be to tear down and build a rack myself, but I’m not sure if it would really be worth the hassle. I’m just not sure if there are any other PS racks out there that would be even better than the cobra rack to put on here.

Front suspension set up:
-BMR LCA’s with spring pockets(tall BJ)
-QA1 bumpsteer kit
-MM CC plates
-tokico D spec struts
-factory K member
-MM solid rack mounts
-H&R race coils
-hillbilly rag-joint delete.
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