Need help with Problem Code


Jun 8, 2005
I was messing around with the diagnostic tool on our gage cluster and got the code DTC 5284 "Oil Pressure Switch Failure" WTF is this? How can I fix it? What kind of symptoms will it cause. I am having some slight hesitation issues and my car will idle a little funny. It idles between 630 rpm to 780 rpm. Could this be causing any of my problems?
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I really wish that the bullit site would remove the part about checking codes using the cluster..

The cluster is not a scan tool. The codes you see on there are for the ( HEC) hybrid elctronic cluster module and not for any other modules.

PCM codes will not appear there. plus the codes you are pulling is misleading. These are hard fault codes for the HEC module and for the most part are set when setting the cluster into diag mode and not follwing the steps in the book for the on board tests.