Need ideas for a better design


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Jul 9, 2003
Lubbock Tx
Last year I replaced the C4 tranny in my 73 stang with a Tremec. Some of you may have seen my write up on it on my uncompleted website page.htm
Anyway I noticed a problem with my clutch pedal/Pushrod linkage.

The diagram below shows what the arm looks like and how it attaches to the pushrod. The hole in the metal tube is only in one side the other is closed so that the rod does not pass threw.

Well I guess friction is wearing a hole in the square tube where it meets the pushrod. I thought that this might be a problem eventually but I didn't know how else to connect the pushrod on the clutch lever arm.

A better design would incorporate some type of pivot ball that attaches to the pushrod and attachment arm. Below is a picture of what the improved design might look like.

Do you guys have any ideas on how to fix this problem?
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68rustang said:
Why was the horizontal "square tube with a hole in it" idea chosen in the first place?

Well at the time it seemed like a good idea and I was too warn out and tired to really put anymore brain power to the problem. The clutch actuation system was the hardest part of the whole install. I'm just glad that it worked. :rolleyes:

Thats a good idea about sticking it on the MC pushrod. :nice: I just wonder if the angles will be too extreme and cause binding. The Clevis pin is a good idea also but man there is a large amount of force on that part and eventually the pin would also fail. I mean the pedal effort is really pretty light but over time fiction does terrible things to metal parts.
If you put a bronze or other bushing in the pivot somewhere, then you wouldn't have to worry about friction so much.

The forces down there shouldn't be abnormaly large. another idea is use the bracket like I drew in the clevis mount, but use a heim joint in single shear (mounted to the side) and then you shouldn't have to worry about bushings.

The square tube idea you have going looks to be too large and cumbersome for such a simple motion.