Need Lowering Help not sure what to do


New Member
Jan 23, 2006
I just purchased an 88 GT. Previous owner has cut the coil springs. I want to lower the car but I am running 225/60/15 tires on stock GT wheels. My question is how much can I lower the car (from original ride height) with those tires (they are brand new michelins) ,and how far can I go before bump steer becomes a problem. Can I go 2 in and use offset rack bushings?

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With the stock 15x7's, you should be able to go pretty low, such as the eibach sportlines or maxspeed yellows. They both provide 1.5-2" drop. Ive read good and bad of both of those brands. But the maxspeeds are lots cheaper, so less risk I suppose. Just be sure to replace the spring isolators while your in there, whether you need cc plates or bump steer kit you can wait and see after you install em. Good luck.
Cool Thanks where do you get the maxspeeds? This is a daily driver so Im not to concerned with the perfomance aspect mainly just the look. I have a 66 with EFI and AOD I like to play with, so most of the performance mods are on it.