Need some help deciding the next round of upgrades under the hood.


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Apr 8, 2009
Since I've been pouring over parts catalogs to get all I'm going to need for spring cleaning/gasket swaps due to all my oil leaking.....I've had to look at performance parts as well and I'm wondering what to do.

In the back of my head, I have been planning a boosted 347 build. 600 horsepower at least. But given what I already have on the 302, I think that's got a lot of potential there to be a N/A beast as well. I mean, the H/C/I swap, new rockers, bigger TB, AC and Smog delete, equal length headers (already on order) with my full exhaust, and a CAI (also on order), there's some definite power potential. I'm still running a stock MAF/Injector set up, stock ignition, and stock timing though.

So my question is this: do I keep it as it is, concentrate on bolt on stuff up until I have the money to do the full swap and pull everything? Or do I start with some higher flow injectors, bigger MAF, a good tune, and a 6AL box? What kind of power potential would I have with my already done bolt on parts, lets' say 24 or 30 lb injectors, a 6AL, and some tuning by someone who knows what they're doing?

This is the first 302 I've ever worked on so I'm not sure about the power potential. But if I could hit 300 RWHP or higher, I'd be a happy man.

I appreciate any input.
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If you are keeping to the plan of 600hp start thinking of what block you want other than the stock one which is going to come apart at that power range. stock block good for 500-520hp ish @ the crank. what is "as is", you didn't list the mods, ie what type of heads, intake etc.
What I meant by "as is" is by not adding any more parts until I have the money to do the entire swap.

I am trying to figure out upgrades for a little more power to last me until I have enough money to build a bitchin' 347. I had heard that number about stock blocks too, so maybe 600 is a bit much. I just want some serious power down the road.

Let me re-phrase my question, because I feel I didn't properly ask it:

Right now, running the TFS upper and lower intake, 70mm TB, AFR 165's, Crane 1.6 rockers, stock headers, no cats, A/C and smog delete, stock ignition, injectors, and MAF too.

I want to look at making more power (for the next few years before I have enough to build that 347) and doing some parts in the summer time. I want to know if new injectors, a new MAF, and a new ignition box are a good idea to free up some more power for the time being.

Does that make more sense?
I'm doing what you suggested. I've been collecting parts and when I get everything I will do it all. I have a few bolt ons. I have shorty headers, no smog, smaller crank pulley, Contour fans, 6G alt upgrade and K&N air filter. So far I have the whole rotation assembly (331), intake, TB and a Pro Motion T5 that can handle 500HP. I just ordered from Jay Allen, custom cam, heads, rockers, lifters and timing set. I plan on doing the whole suspension too. I figure I need another $3000-$4000 and I should be good to go. Also going to smooth the engine bay and hide the wires.