Need T45 help... Broken shift shaft plate

Desert Stallion

Founding Member
Aug 5, 2001
Queen Creek, AZ
A buddy has a '96 Cobra that he broke a few weeks back messin' around with another friend, power-shifted 1-2 and then he had no first or second gear. Third through fifth and reverse still functioned.

So, I figure it's the shift fork, from what I've heard they're pretty weak. Take the thing apart today, and as I pull the bellhousing off out drops a little piece of shift plate from the shifter shaft. Can you say D'oh!!!

So, now I've got this thing apart in my garage, and no one seems to stock T45 parts. I wonder why. Ford says they have the shaft assembly for $240 or some stupid !#@$ like that, and no one seems to sell just that plate.

Anyone know of a parts supplier or have a part number for the shift plate that I could take to Ford, or should the guy just buy another T45 for $400 and drop it in? What about a 3650 conversion, I read somewhere that it's more or less a bolt-in deal and it's supposedly a better transmission? I honestly have little experience with mod motors and their transmissions.
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