Need to change Mid-Pipe with Basssani Headers?????


Nov 8, 2004
I planned on getting some headers! I don't want to spend 900 dollars on the headers them self! I was debating bassani Because I have the Bassani x-pipe with cats and the Cat back, and It all STAINLESS STEEL!! So I didn't want to have to mess with that! I heard if you get long tubes you'll have to change out the midpipe! Just wondering if anyone knows where to buy the Mid Pipes off line for long tubes if they even make them? And since I was leaning towards bassani If anyone Has the Bassani Headers How do you Like them?? thanx
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I think if you have the Bassani 5 piece midpipe you will not have to change your midpipe if you go with Bassani headers. All other LTs will require a midpipe change. I would get a midpipe of the same manufacturer as the LT. Just my .02
Yea I dont have the brand new system from bassani. So i don't know? I guess I'll have to call Bassani for that one but yea looks like I'll have to buy a Mid pipe to go with it? Where can I buy a cheap one with an X???
....or you could just go to any compitent exhaust shop and have them shorten and modify your existion midpipe. It would certainly be cheaper than replacing the whole thing. I never know why this method never dawns on most people. :shrug:
Yea But it's Stainless Steel I don't know any Decent exhaust shops that wouldn't F it up! I would rather sell the whole thing and just buy another one! I might just buy some BBK Long Tubes and a Mid pipe for less than the bassani Headers total. Where can I get a inexpensive off road x-pipe! thanx