Need to Get a Timing Cover That Fits

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junkyard.94-95 are different than 93 and earlier covers.i think the 90-93 thunderbird covers with the 5.0 are the same as ours.if you were closer you could have one of mine,i have like three lying around here.
This is ours, right? The only thing is that it is titled under a ford explorer?

Yeah I wanted to get a Ford one and the one that I put up the picture of is the one I bought off ebay for $55. So its not too bad... Thanks for all the help guys and I would not even recommend trying to get a pioneer timing cover for our cars because mine wasnt near close to fitting. Now I can finally get my car back on the road.
I bought one from autozone and it would not line up for anything...I tried manipulating it with some force and it still wouldnt...I think that there mold wasnt the greatest when making the covers. So I wanted to try and get a stock timing or a Ford made on for a 94-95