Need to know which clutch i need to get


New Member
Feb 1, 2007
ok well i have decided on a centerforce dual friction clutch but i'm trying to figure out which one i i need a 10 spline clutch?? do i need an 11 in diameter or a 10.4 diameter??? if anyone could give me a link to the centerforce dual friction clutch i need that would be greatly appreciated even more so if it's on the summitracing site........oh yea i have a 2001 mustang gt...the car has stock drivetrain
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Probably the 10.5 but thats not 100%. You can call centerforce and tell them your VIN and they can tell you what trans. you have. T45 = 10.5 T3650=11"
I am using a centerforce DFX with a fidanza flywheel and it is awesome.
Make sure you go ahead and get your throwout and pilot bearings. And you might as well get the a Steeda adjustable cable, firewall adjuster, and quadrant ($90). If you dont change those now you will soon. It's easier to do when you're changing your clutch.