Need to make my v6 mustang faster


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Mar 26, 2008
Atmore, Alabama
ok hears the deal i work at a car dealership, and im learning stuff from the mechanics there as much as possible, but they really just know the basic car knowlege. I have a bout 200$ a week to play with and sink into my car, so can anybody give me some kind of tip to juice my car up on this budget?
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I still say gears next. 3.73's would be good, but if you do a lot of hwy driving then 3.55 will help save some mileage.

After that it just depends on how far into you want to get. Exhaust would be a simple mod to have done.

I would look at doing a split port swap. A lot of '94-'95 3.8's have head gasket issues anyways, so it'd be a two birds with one stone kind of thing; pick up at least 40hp and avoid a potential problem.:nice: There are now a decent number of '99-'04 cars in salvage yards to get the split port parts from.

BTW, if you do find a '99-'04 car in a yard, grab the front brake calipers as well. The difference is crazy. I miss the brakes in my '01 V6. But my '95 is getting Cobra calipers up front tomorrow.:D
yea the exaust is coming really soon its either that or the paint job next and then probably the gears like u said
1.any good sites for stang parts (where i could maybe find gears ext.) u think a chip would be a good up grade or atleast give it a boost ?
See also, choose your year and all the parts categories show up. JCWhitney has some stuff as well as Jegs. Serious motor stuff go to or lower prices with