Need VIN help


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Nov 9, 2001
Newark, CA
I need some help. I have a 66 fastback that I gutted and had blasted about 3-4 years ago. My dad and I have been working on it ever since and it's about ready to get back on the road. The car is still in progress, but I had an appraisal done a few days ago and realized that I can't find the damn VIN number on the car. I know what it is from my DMV registration, but I want it on the car.

I know the VIN was stamped on the fender . . . but we put new fenders on the car. I know there was a plate or something by the drivers door . . . but I don't have a clue where it is now.

Are there any other areas on the car where I could find the VIN number? If I don't have a plate on the car, is there a way or place that I can get a new one? Has anybody gone through this before?

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Did you replace the fender or the fender apron? If you still have your original fender aprons, it's on the drivers side, where the fender bolts on top of the apron, underneath that next to the shock tower. I dont think they had a dash tag, I might be wrong, but IIRC, on 68's+ they're on the passenger side.
A 66' will have it on both the left and right side of the engine compartment. They are physically stamped into the aprons and are not just an add-on tag.

The one on the driver's side should be readily readable through the notch that is factory cut on the fender. The one(s) on the passenger side will be hidden under where the fender is bolted to the apron, near the shock tower. If you remove some bolts you can slide the fender away just enough to read them.