Never Park In A Ford Trucks Parking Spot!!

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That's kinda stupid. Now he needs to pay to have his truck fixed and the other car not to mention damage to the property if he other car hit some bushes or that pillar.

Was he drunk?
I am surprised the owner of the truck even knew how to operate a vehicle as stupid as he obviously is.

The guy parking in his spot may have been a guest who didn't know better and was unable to see an assigned number as the parking spots are covered with snow.

Of course - even - if there were clear markings, it's no excuse for his actions.
If i were the apartment manager or owner of the building, and I saw that, then whomever's truck that is would be looking for a new place to live very shortly.

That guy must have been drunk because all the negative impact from this would vastly outweigh any brief moment where yhou would think "Hey, this seems like a good idea!"
Got the update.
The guy with the car has been parking in the F150 owners spot all week.:nonono:
The guy in the car is obviously an idiot because the number is painted in yellow,and is big in size to see at the head of the parking spot.Nothing got done,tow trucks are a waste around here,so he took matters in his own hands.LMAO!!So obviously he just didn't react right away,this was an on going thing all week.
Got to give to the F150 owner,he sure has balls!!! :owned:
It's funny how some are quick to judge. :shrug:
I know i found it ammusing,but i also lived over in that complex before for 5/6 years,so i know how much of a headache it becomes after awhile.